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About us

Let’s make brilliance together.
Your success is our success. We are serving your customers as much as you are.

Established in 2015, we are your local Dubai software development agency. Headquartered right in the heart of Dubai, we also have our own exclusive development operation in Bangalore, which allows us to keep costs low while keeping quality at the highest possible level. We like to think of ourselves as a hive of creative minds who have come together to light up the sky with the brilliance of our shared passion for innovation.

Together, we will go on a journey with you that begins with an idea to bring value to people’s lives and ends with a finished product that delivers that value. Sleek websites that give your customers all the information they seek in a gorgeous and easy-to-use package, apps that make your customers write those coveted 5-star reviews and custom software that gives customers and/or employees a unique experience in your business are just some of the ways we can help your business succeed.

We chose the firefly to represent us because we love how the firefly needs to mix together just the right elements in just the right amount to light up the sky. That is what we do for you. We take your idea, mix in the perfect elements in the right amounts and create something brilliant.

Why us

If you are a Dubai-based business, we are your Dubai website, app and software developers. We love working with local entrepreneurs and businesses to help them grow because when local businesses do well, we all do well. Virtual Dusk is part of the Dubai business ecosystem and we bring that passion and experience to all our projects. Your success is our success. You bring your ideas and we will match it with high quality design and development work backed by years of experience at affordable prices that guarantee a high ROI.



Our team thrives on finding solutions to the challenges our customers present to us. There is no problem we can’t solve.


Success driven.

Our end goal is always to see your profit and revenue increase.Your customers’ satisfaction tells us we’ve done our job right.



We always want to take people where they have never been before and give them things they’ve never seen before.

how do we work?

01. Understand you

If we are going to work together, we have to know your goals, your vision, your challenges and what you are trying to do in your industry. Are you trying to disrupt the whole thing and change how everyone in it does business or do you just want to settle into a niche? Once we get familiar with you, we can start the process of creating something amazing together.

02. Understand the project

Your project is our project and we want to know it inside out so we can do our very best job at it. We want to know your goals for the project, what you want people to do when they see the finished product, how it’s going to be used and who is going to be interacting with it. The more we know about a project, the better we can design and implement it.

03. Plan

Be involved in the planning as much or as little as you want. If you have a vision, share it with us and we can make it come to life. Or, if you want us to take the lead, we will brainstorm ideas, get your feedback, and expand the best ones into something you are happy with and confident in. Once we have a solid plan, we can get to the fun part.

04. Design

Our development and design team will sketch out a wireframe of your project and we will show you our vision for it. Design is where we excel because it is the ultimate way to show our creativity to our clients and to the world. Aesthetics are just as important to us as useability and we want your customers to be awed by both how good your project looks and how easy it is to use.

05. Develop

Once we know what we’re doing, we can get to work. Flawless code is what we strive for with every project. We make sure everything functions the way it should and everything behaves in predictable ways so your customers enjoy using the end product as much as we enjoyed designing and developing it for them.

06. Test

No project is sent out the door without several rounds of rigorous testing to ensure everything is in working order. We would never dream of giving you a product that hasn’t gone through testing for functionality and aesthetic purposes. We want to ensure everything looks good and works the way it should. You deserve the best and we aim to deliver that.

07. Launch

Part of the testing process is to perform a soft launch of a beta version of a product because there is no testing that can truly replicate usage by real customers. Once all the kinks have been ironed out, we set your project free on the public so they can enjoy our hard work. We help you with all the paperwork for the app stores and getting ready to launch.

08. Care

With Dubai software developers Virtual Dusk, you don’t just get sent on your way. If you choose to, you can retain our services to maintain the website, app or other project we’ve designed and developed for you. Who better to make sure it runs smoothly than the people who built it? We know it inside out and we can handle any problems that come up swiftly.

Project in mind?