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OSOS Property Management

OSOS Property Management Software

Dubai property managers need software they can rely on to keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with their properties, including tenants, maintenance, employees, contractors and more. OSOS gives you the ability to manage all your cash coming in from rent and going out via expenses. Easily communicate with your tenants, keep up to date with their requests and complaints and send them reminders when necessary. Give your employees and contractors a simple way to contact you and always be a few clicks away from important information using any computer or device with the cloud-based OSOS system.

Main features
  • Cloud based and can be used on any computer or device
  • All property and tenant details accessible with just a few clicks
  • Up to 100k hours of operation
  • Track salary, visa status and more of all employees
  • Track expenses and generate detailed reports for easy cash flow management
  • Send tenants reminders via email or SMS about rent and renewals
  • Keep up to date with all team members via the accompanying app