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Digital Kiosks
Our Digital Kiosks help small businesses around the United Arab Emirates attract visitors by being an information and activity hub for the business. We can program the software for the kiosks to act however you need it to for your business. If you own a car dealership, the kiosk can help visitors browse your selection and find the best deal for them. If you own a hotel, the kiosk can help visitors find the right room and find activities and restaurants near your hotel. It can even allow them to book those activities straight from the kiosk. It features your company’s branding and makes an excellent way to passively interact with guests. Virtually any type of business can benefit from one of our digital kiosks.
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Smart Beacons
Virtual Dusk’s Bluetooth Smart Beacons immerse visitors in a world where they can call up information on their phones about any item a beacon is attached to. For example, if you sell antiques, you can put a beacon on a piece of pottery you are selling and visitors can use their phones to connect to the beacon via Bluetooth and call up information on that piece of pottery and what makes it so valuable. If you sell art, the beacons can be used to give people information about the artists. Car dealerships can use them to provide extra information about the cars they are selling so even if all salespeople are busy, customers can still get valuable information that can help swing a sale. Use the beacons for informational purposes, to help you sell and to interact with visitors in a way that will have them coming back and telling their friends about your business. Use it to your advantage with a Virtual Dusk Bluetooth Smart Beacon and accompanying app package.
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