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Digital kiosk

Digital kiosks

Standing at 1.5 meters high, the Virtual Dusk digital activities kiosk allows your Dubai business to passively interact with guests, provide them with valuable information and facilitate sales and bookings. Visitors can use the digital signage kiosks to view information about the business where the digital kiosk is stationed and get recommendations for other, nearby places. For example, a hotel that has a kiosk can display all the rooms available along with their pricing. It can also show visitors nearby places of interest or be configured to show specific information like nearby restaurants or available tours. It basically acts like a mini-internet that focuses on whatever the kiosk owner wants to focus on. Everything the kiosk owner wants to feature for guests is displayed for them and they can make bookings right from the kiosk. The more kiosks visitors see, they more they will interact with them and the more your business prospers.

Kiosk's software and hardware features
  • Fully functioning software package powered by a custom Android app
  • Heavy duty design
  • Up to 100,000 hours of operation
  • Fully managed via the cloud
  • Includes printer, QR reader, Bluetooth & wifi
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Multi-lingual
  • IR based touch screen with 10 touch points
  • Compatible with any wifi enabled device
Digital and smark kiosks

These digital smart kiosks are designed to help UAE businesses across the country give their customers a richer and more interactive experience while keeping their focus on the business at hand. They facilitate sales and bookings, which lead to more revenue and higher profits. They are your doorman, your welcomer, your maitre d and your information desk all rolled into one sleek, sophisticated digital tool that will help you attract and retain customers. Let a Virtual Dusk digital activities kiosk help you offer superior service for an excellent customer experience.

The kiosk can be used at:
  • Selling products or services
  • Digital surveys for customer feedback
  • Digital guides to help visitors discover new places
  • Self service booking and registration
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