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Smart Bluetooth beacons

Digitize any space
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Bluetooth Smart Beacons

What’s under the hood?


  • Compatible with accompanying Android and iOS apps
  • Up to three years of battery life
  • Weatherproof for outdoor usage
  • Controllable range for Bluetooth to draw visitors in

The Supporting App

  • Available in Android and/or iOS
  • Fully branded with your logo and colors
  • Weatherproof for outdoor usage
  • Push notifications
  • General information & news about the items you’ve chosen to place a beacon on
  • Categories and subcategories for easy browsing
  • Items with a beacon can be viewed at the venue via Bluetooth interaction or outside the venue via internet search and browsing
  • Item photo and video gallery and social media sharing capabilities

Control Panel

  • Cloud-based
  • Manages all the content of your app and beacons
  • Beacon data updated in a less than a minute
  • Push notifications created and sent to your app in under a minute


  • Usage analytics: number of people who used the beacons filtered by date time and language
  • Push notifications analytics: number of people who received the notifications and number of people who opened them
  • Heat-maps: ability to create heat maps based on the beacons’ usage so you can see which part of your venue users interact with the most

Smart Bluetooth Beacons

Give your visitors a taste of the future with Virtual Dusk’s interactive Bluetooth smart beacons and an accompanying app from Dubai’s premier web development agency. Easy to control with your cloud-based dashboard, these smart beacons draw in visitors and give them the opportunity to interact with your business in an intimate way that draws back the curtain and invites them in like an old friend. Give your old and new customers something special they can remember with Dubai’s ultimate real world digital experience.

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