Which Technology or Framework shall I use to develop my Website?

Which Technology or Framework shall I use to develop my Website?

When it comes to Web Development in General, the choice of a Technology or Framework to develop the website becomes imperative.

In modern web development, a mix of various Web technologies can be employed. While it is not mandatory that you are a pro in order to design and build your website, but it is good to understand the basics in order to make better decisions concerning the Pros and cons of a particular Web Design Framework and its impact on your website.

When it comes to making a choice of a Web Design Agency in Dubai, Virtual Dusk stands taller than the rest. Here, Clients are made to understand that there is no one-choice fix all or “right technology” for building their websites, but various factors are put into considerations to arrive at the best solution.

Factors that influence the choice of Web Technology or Framework

Choosing Wrong Web Technology or a Web Design Agency with little or no experience would, in the long run, prove expensive and time-consuming and may leave you frustrated. To avoid such costly mistakes, it is important to look at some factors that may influence the choice of Web technology or Framework for your Website Project.

Some of these factors include:

  • Type of website (eCommerce, Blog, Company Site)
  • Web Design / Development Cost (Licence costs)
  • Website layout
  • Website performance and maintenance
  • Website ease of scalability and Growth.
  • Web Agency/Developer Experience and portfolios

What is Web Development?

You need a website and want your Business to be seen from across the World. In order to host your website, it must first be developed. Thus, understanding what web development entails would further help you make better decisions.

Web development is simply Planning, building, uploading and marinating a website. It can also be said to be the tasks associated with Planning, design, developing websites, for hosting on the intranet or locally (internet). These processes include web Framework design, Content development, scripting (client-side/server-side) and network/Server configuration, etc.

What is a Web Development Framework?

Imagine a building without beams, door and window frames? Such a building would be termed dangerous to live in. A Web Framework consists of optimised groups of programming libraries and well-tested Codes. These form the building blocks on which websites can be built.

Most Web Development Agencies in Dubai have their choice Web Frameworks or web platform that they specialise on. They will be able to advise you based on your Website Requirements.

Some of these Web Development Frameworks/languages includes PHP, Asp.NET, React, Ruby, WordPress, etc.

What Technologies can be employed to develop websites?

The factors that would determine your choice of Website technology to be employed may include the following:

  • The type of Website you want (eCommerce, Blog, Company Site, Dynamic Website, or Static website), etc.
  • Future expansion plans.
  • Features and requirements on the user level.

WordPress: What every Web Developer/Owner must Know

WordPress is a Free and Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and MySQL. It features a Template System and a Plugin Architecture.

WordPress is usually associated with blogging, but every WordPress Web Design Agency in Dubai knows that WordPress can be used to create magnificent websites for both small and large sized companies.

It is easy to set up and you do not need to have any knowledge in Web Design/Creation or HTML in order to operate one.

Reasons to use WordPress Framework

WordPress is not just a blogging tool or platform. Though it started as a blogging platform, over the years, WordPress has evolved into one of the most Flexible, robust Content Management System (CMS) and a powerful website builder.

Due to the robust features of WordPress, it has gained the trust and Web users and web developers for some of the following reasons.

  1. WordPress is Free and Open-Source.

WordPress can be downloaded, installed and hosted on your Local server or online. It is free to install, modify and use to build any website that you want.

  • WordPress is easy to build, customised and maintained.

WordPress website can be built by anyone. From techies to non-techies. This is because WordPress is easy to build and customised using various Free and premium WordPress Themes and plugins.

  • Easy to Maintain/Manage

WordPress is very easy to manage and maintained. As a CMS, it comes with its own in-built Update management System. It can be easily updated via the WordPress Admin Dashboard or automatically using Plugins.

  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

WordPress is SEO Friendly. It is written to the highest standard and conforms to the standard and high-quality codes and schematic mark-ups.

  • WordPress is Secure and Safe

WordPress Framework is developed with security and safety in mind. The CMS is constantly updated to make it more efficient and secure.

Whether you want to develop a website for a Blog, start an online eCommerce Store, sell Digital Courses online, Build Membership Website or build a Company website, WordPress has a solution for you. The best way to truly experience the beauty, scalability, maintainability, security and power of WordPress is to start using it.

So, if you are in Dubai and need a Web Development company in Dubai or even a Web Design Agency in Dubai that can give you the best, you know where to come.

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